Pupil funds and loans for studies in Sweden

October 12, 2020

Pupil grants and loans are designed for pupils who’re learning at e.g. university university, college or vocational university. If you should be older than 20, you’ll be able to make an application for pupil funds and loans for studies at compulsory and top additional degree at Komvux (adult training university) or people senior school.

Table of contents

  • Information because of the Corona virus
  • Size of funds and loans you are able to get
  • Needs and conditions
  • Application, research payment and assurance
  • Offer notification if you feel sick or if such a thing modifications
  • Repaying the learning student loan
  • Appealing against a choice by CSN

Pupil funds and loans for studies in Sweden

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The mortgage you must pay off. You are able to elect to use entirely for the grant, if you don’t desire to simply just take a loan out. The loan possesses low interest and doesn’t need any safety, and you’re in a position to settle it more than a any period of time. In 2020, the interest price is 0.16 %.

Information as a result of the Corona virus

Read more about how exactly the Corona virus affect the learning pupil grants and loans from CSN.

Size of funds and loans you are able to get

exactly How big is the funds and figuratively speaking you can e.g receive depends. on

  • your rate of study ( part-time or full-time)
  • how many months you might be learning for
  • how big your earnings.
Funds and figuratively speaking, 2020 (examples for different variety of weeks)
1 week, SEK 4 days, SEK 20 weeks, SEK
Grant 823 3 292 16 460
Student loan 1 892 7 568 37 840
Total 2 715 10 860 54 300

Other funds and loans that one can make an application for

Some pupils can get more grants or borrow more income.

  • When you have custody of kiddies beneath the age of 18, you’ll make an application for extra kid allowance.
  • You can apply for a supplementary loan if you have worked in the past and received a certain minimum income. You’ll receive this as of the 12 months you turn 25.
  • You may receive an increased grant element in your student aid if you are studying at compulsory or upper secondary level and satisfy certain conditions. It is possible to get this if you’re learning for a complementary academic programme leading to a subject teacher’s degree. Once you make an application for pupil funds and loans, CSN checks whether you are eligible for the increased grant, which means you need not submit an application for it.
  • When you have extra expenses related to your studies, easy payday loans Dorset online you are able to in a few instances make an application for one more loan. For instance, you might have expenses for dual housing or for specific trips.

When your earnings surpasses the earnings restriction

The earnings limitation temporarily eliminated during 2020

Because of the Corona crisis the earnings limitation is temporarily removed during 2020, in the event that you learn with pupil funds and loans ( studiemedel ). Which means your earnings during 2020 will not influence just just how student that is much and loans it is possible to get.

You’ll get earnings up to and including amount that is certain your pupil funds and loans being impacted. The earnings limitation is determined per calendar half-year, January-June or July-December. Should your earnings surpasses the earnings restriction, you aren’t eligible for the exact same amount of funds and loans.

The earnings restriction depends upon exactly just just how weeks you’re learning for and whether you’re learning full-time or part-time. The income limit is SEK 90 075 for example, if you are going to studying full-time with student grants and loans for 20 weeks in a calendar half-year. You can easily see your earnings limitation within the choice you get from CSN.

Needs and conditions

Different demands and conditions must certanly be pleased to ensure that one to be eligible to student aid.

  • The education you will be going to must give the entitlement to pupil finance.
  • You need to be registered on your own courses.
  • Your studies should be at the very minimum 50 percent of full-time and must last for at the least three days.
  • You need to be underneath the age of 57. The entitlement to borrow decreases through the you turn 47 year.
  • you’ll maybe maybe not get specific other advantages during the time that is same getting pupil funds and loans, such as for example task help, sickness advantage and introduction advantage.
  • You are able to just get pupil funds and loans for a amount that is limited of. How long is determined by the training degree that you’re learning:
    • University university, university or various other education that is post-secondary a maximum of 240 days
    • Upper additional degree: a optimum of 80 or 120 months, based on your past training
    • Compulsory college degree: no more than 40, 80 or 100 days, depending on your education that is previous and you might be learning.
  • You must have satisfied the requirements as regards credits in order to receive new student grants and loans if you have previously studied with student grants and loans or an education entry grant. Certain demands credits that are regarding according to which program you’re learning.
  • For those who have unpaid yearly costs or needs for over one duration, may very well not get pupil funds and loan. Contact CSN to learn more.
  • If you’re planning to study abroad, unique rules use.

Extra conditions and terms for international residents

If you’re a international citizen, you have to satisfy unique conditions to become entitled to Swedish pupil finance. You will usually be entitled to Swedish student finance if you have a permanent residence permit and live in Sweden.

Because you have refugee status or similar, you are also usually entitled to Swedish student finance if you have received a temporary residence permit from the Swedish Migration Agency.

In addition, various rules use based on whether you might be a resident of the country within or outside of the EU/EEA or Switzerland.