Wedding by abduction soars in Bihar, over 3,000 grooms tied up knot at gunpoint in 2016

March 26, 2020

The variety of wedding by abduction, the tradition is easy: zero-in for a groom that is prospective kidnap him while making him connect the nuptial knot at gunpoint, are growing.


Might 25 had been supposed to be a day that is memorable Julie, a 19-year-old girl in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur district, 70 km north of this state money Patna. She has been visited by a for makeup products and Julie had been sparkling in her bridal attire.

Her household ended up being all decked up, the pandit (priest) ended up being here to chant sacred mantra and Abhinay Kumar, a 22-year-old youth she would be to connect the nuptial knot, ended up being prepared, though under duress. But, simply as soon as the wedding mantras had been over, the authorities arrived; looking for the kidnapped groom after their moms and dads registered situation to the impact. But as always, the cops arrived belated, and also by the time the wedding had been over.

They nevertheless wished to save the groom nevertheless the bride and her household – supported with family members and villagers – set up a difficult battle, forcing the cops to conquer a retreat that is hasty. The cops came back a full hour later, angrier than before; as well as in greater quantity. They swung such ferocity to their batons so it left almost two dozen people, including Julie hurt.

Now, per week later on, with accidents all over her human body, julie continues to be struggling to walk right. The Muzaffarpur superintendent that is senior of Vivek Kumar has suspended Gayghat authorities place in-charge Rajesh Choudhary, keeping him in charge of excesses. The sole good outcome for Julie within the whole drama ended up being that her husband who had been reluctant to marry her initially begun to empathise, seeing her writhing in pain.

“we have actually accepted her as my partner. Whatever distinction there was between our families, it’ll overcome fleetingly. Time will heal every thing, ” he states.


Feels like a uncommon method to get hitched? In Julie and Abhinay’s Bihar what’s strange isn’t the way where the few stepped along the aisle, however the authorities action that then then followed. Interestingly, this will be absolutely nothing uncommon in Bihar whilst the state witnesses around 3,000 partners getting hitched when you look at the exact same design, virtually every 12 months. Statistics comes down to nine marriages that are such time.

Referred to as Pakadwa Vivah (wedding by abduction), the tradition is easy: zero-in for a prospective groom, kidnap him making him connect the nuptial knot at gunpoint. As well as the figures are actually growing. Bihar witnessed 3,075 kidnapping for wedding in 2016. It absolutely was 3,001 in 2015 and 2,533 in 2014. And a lot of these marriages survive.

Abduction for marriage seems to have remained unabated in 2017 too. Relating to numbers available with all the authorities, Bihar currently has reported 830 kidnappings for wedding by March in 2010. Having said that, just eight instances of kidnappings for ransom – which Bihar ended up being as soon as infamous for – have already been registered during this time period.

Demonstrably, abduction for wedding is practically like an existing, appropriate trend in Bihar. The NCRB Crime in Asia Report, 2015 report – which can be the most up-to-date figure that is official at current – also verifies that while Bihar is far below other States with regards to abduction of men below 18 years old, it appears towards the top in the nation in terms of abductions of above 18-year-old males. In fact, the quantity of abducted men from Bihar within the 18 to 30 age-group category ended up being 1,096 in 2015. Their state alone accounted for almost 17 % for the figure that is national the category.

“The abduction of men for wedding is a consequence that is direct of evils like dowry. It really is a rearguard action through the bride’s family, which discovers it self under great product load while organizing the wedding. In a society that is traditionally patriarchal Bihar, marriages are becoming a money-minting enterprise for the child’s parents. So, families without wherewithal to prepare a decent resort that is dowry hopeless measures like abducting the right bridegroom with their child’s wedding, ” claims Ashok Priyadarshi, an instructor in Nawada, an area infamous for such marriages.


Though unlawful, dowry is an unavoidable conventional wedding training in which the groom’s household demands enormous sums of cash and products through the bride’s household as an ailment for permitting their son marry her.

Families turn to snatch males – frequently young guys- since it is easier than approaching kid’s families and less expensive than spending the”dowry that is standard” which will be in lakhs plus an automobile.

Kamta Singh, Chairman of A agriculture that is primary credit in Rampur, Navada stated that very nearly 90 per cent marriages into the town have already been solemnised by kidnapping a bridegroom. Good quantity of males are kidnapped and hitched down during matriculation and intermediate examinations once they look at the assessment centres. In March, a 17-year-old child ended up being kidnapped from Patna and hitched down to a 15-year-old woman soon after he reached the town by having a cousin who had been showing up for matriculation assessment. The kid, a course XII pupil, had been whisked away by four guys on two bikes after smothering him unconscious having a chloroformed cloth. The boy regained his senses, he was inside a house with lots of people around, who told him that he was now married by the time. Their garments too had been turned into bridal attire.

Families frequently use buddies and family relations, or even employ expert crooks, to carryout abductions for marriages. In-may 2009, crooks assigned to kidnap 16-year-old Lalbabu for marriage, exposed fire in Gaya to terrorise a team of pupils, have been utilizing the target as he arrived from a coaching Centre.

Lalbabu’s buddy Praveen received a gunshot and succumbed to his accidents. A shocked Lalbabu ended up being abducted because of the crooks up to a temple in Jehanabad region where he had been obligated to marry a girl that is 13-year-old underneath the shadow of a weapon. The wedding, but, dropped aside with all the police registering murder instances resistant to the bride’s dad and sibling.


Also protection personnel on their own may be kidnapped by the crooks. When, the bodyguard of a Bihar Cadre IPS officer Shivdeep W Lande, now on deputation to Maharashtra, ended up being kidnapped as he had been published in Jamalpur. Nevertheless the kidnappers set him free after realising that a police could be invited by them backlash.

When a kid is taken and kidnapped up to a bride’s house, their future in-laws attempt to sooth him straight straight down by putting a marriage headgear onto their mind. The embroidered headgear, called a Mauri, is really a sign of their submissive acceptance. Numerous battle fiercely, but every kidnapped kid ultimately relents under duress. In just about all such situations, the villagers stretch support to your woman’s household. The ceremony is videographed so your tapes may be used as proof later on.

In reality, also priests of town temples – where marriages are solemnised, like within the situation of Lalbabu – cooperate because of the woman’s family members and issue a certification of marriage. Obviously, the approval from culture to such marriages has emboldened the families to just take the legislation to their arms.

The training has theoretically been unlawful for many years, however the legislation hardly ever happens to be enforced. Brutal while the customized is, it’s commonly regarded as practical.


“a lot of people do not care it is unlawful while there is a really possibility that is high of. The child’s family members frets and fumes following the wedding but and then raise a demand that is dowry. Assured that the kid happens to be theirs, your ex’s moms and dad will also be ready to settle things by offering one-fourth associated with dowry that is usual they might have experienced to provide had the kid maybe maybe maybe not been hitched, ” said Hetukar Jha a retired sociology teacher at Patna University.

Rajiv Narayan of Nawada in Bihar is just one of the many men that are such has place the past behind and accepted their spouse, with who he had been forcefully hitched in 1976. Rajiv had been tricked to go to Badhaiya in Lakhisarai region where he had been hitched under duress as he ended up being simply 14.

He had been married to Madhuri Devi, who had been just 12. Their loved ones allowed the 2 to accomplish their studies prior to the two had been formally designed to live together. Rajiv is employed as a meter reader with Bihar Electricity Board while Madhuri is school teacher at Nawada today.

Rajiv’s younger sibling Ashok (40 12 months), legal counsel, ended up being hitched in the chronilogical age of 13 in a fashion that is similar Annu of Pakribaswan town. The brother Dhannjay that is youngest ended up being additionally abducted and hitched to Sunita of Bighawa town in 2002. Dhananjay, 25, now operates a pc equipment shop.